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AISPA UPDATE: 23rd October, 2012

Posted by ADMIN on October 23, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Dear Speakasians,

This entire wonderful family was extremely happy when the news that the company had as promised sent out the Confirmation E mails exactly within two weeks as mentioned in their earlier communication of 5th October, 2012.

AISPA is duty bound by its principal objective to ensure that all its members who wish to EXIT out and wish to take refund of their Subscription Amount should be assisted without fail to ensure that their amounts are credited to their bank accounts as early as possible.

Towards this end we at AISPA have come to realize that there is some confusion in the minds of some of the panelists who have opted for the Exit Option and we attempt to clarify on some of the queries below.

1. FIRST and foremost we need to understand that in the absence of the SAOL website with the company, the company is showing abundant precaution and taking cautious steps to ensure that all refunds are made without any errors and are credited to the EXITING Panelists bank account only and not to anybody else.

2. Because of this precaution the company has made it mandatory for the panelists to fill up all the fields in the CONFIRMATION FORM which will be found by following the link as it appears in the Confirmatory mail received by the Panelists.

AISPA has come to realise that two fields namely “List of Panel ID Referred By you” and “Attach Copy of your mobile bill (Registered with your Speak Asia ID)” have been removed as a mandatory field.

3. On close following of the various social networking websites and through interaction with many panelists, we at AISPA have come to realise that a large number of EXITING Panelists have received confirmation mails, we can safely conclude that all those who had opted to EXIT OUT and who had filled out the EXIT APPLICATION Form correctly in all aspects and whose EXIT Application Forms were in order and received by the company on or before 31st March, 2012 would have by now received these CONFIRMATION MAILS.

4. It is but logical to understand that the Panelists who are able to fill up correctly this EXIT CONFIRMATION FORM after following the through the mail, will receive payments first and all those who are not able to fill up this CONFIRMATION FORM in all aspects correctly will receive the payments only after further verification/confirmation by the company field force and/or the UPLINES of the Exiting Panelists.

We urge and advise all EXITING Panelists to please fill up the CONFIRMATION FORM carefully with due diligence to ensure a prompt refund of the subscription amount.

5. Member Panelists who have not opted for EXIT earlier should not fill up this confirmation form as this will not be processed; the company has earlier informed us that the company has received 94,000 odd EXIT APPLICATIONS indicating that the EXIT OPTION stands closed as of now with EXIT APPLICATIONS received by the company on or before 31st March, 2012.

6. Whether the Company will have one more round of EXIT APPLICATIONS will have to be seen when the company will announce their policy and communicate with us through their official

7. Some members wanted to know how much time it will take for the company to start remitting the refunds after receiving CONFIRMATION FORMS duly filled in all aspects.

We feel that as soon as the company will have enough numbers of these correctly filled CONFIRMATION FORMS, and if there is no second verification process scheduled, then they should start remitting out the refunds to those correctly filled CONFIRMATION FORMS on first come first served basis.

8. As per the EXIT POLICY of the company as announced on 1st August, 2011 it is clear that the company is interested in refunding the entire subscription cost to each and every EXITING Panelists.

Please do remember that the Subscription cost will be refunded minus the registration cost of Rs. 1000/- per ID after deducting whatever has been withdrawn, transferred or used in any manner.

9. Based on the interaction of AISPA Team members on various forums and through the various telephonic enquiries made with them, Team AISPA has listed out a few common questions and through this communication we wish to draw the attention of the company to the under mentioned queries/doubts in the minds of our member panelists and consumers.

We at AISPA sincerely hope and request the Company to give heed to these issues and work out a resolution mechanism to address the genuine concerns as below:

a. I had paid my down line and taken the ID details along with E mail password.

Now if I continue with the EXIT to recover money paid to the down line what details should I provide? I am concerned that if the money goes to his bank account which was provided during registration on the SAOL website then it may be difficult for me to recover the money paid to him/her.

b. One of the profiles on a particular ID in my tripod is the name of my grandmother, who does not have a bank account and while registering this ID on the SAOL website, I had not uploaded any banking details on her profile.

Can I now give my bank details on her profile which is an ID in my tripod?

c. If a Panelist has various bank A/c’s in multiple banks and he is not confirmed about which bank A/c no. had been provided during registration on SAOL website.

Now for exit -confirmation, can he give his any personal bank A/c no. in the EXIT CONFIRMATION FORM?

d. The following queries below pertain to the EXIT CONFIRMATION FORM:

i. E Mail ID: I do not remember which E mail Id I had given for this particular ID in my tripod and will it suffice if I give this New E Mail ID on which I have received the confirmatory Mail.

ii. Subscription Date: I do not remember the exact date will only the Month and Year suffice.

iii. Bank Account Number: Do I have to provide only that bank account which was mentioned during registration or can I give the bank details where I wish to receive the refund.

iv. Sponsors Name and ID: As my upline is not available or my Upline does not remember under which ID he had created my ID.

Will it help only if the name of the upline is given without his ID?

v. List of Panel ID referred: (AISPA has noted that this field is no longer mandatory)I don’t remember under which ID I have placed my Downlines or where I had placed my various downlines.

vi. Mobile Number: (AISPA has noted that this field is no longer mandatory)

a) The mobile number registered with SAOL has been deactivated.

b) The registered mobile Number is Pre Paid so there is no Bill.

We once again through this communication remind all Member Panelists and Consumers that AISPA is duty bound to protect your rights and work in a manner which will always be for the larger good of this wonderful family.

We at AISPA wish to once again offer our services in whatever way it will be required to ensure speedy disbursement of Subscription amount to all the members who have opted to EXIT out of the association with the company.

AISPA had filed an SLP in the Supreme Court and on mentioning the matter was heard on 19th October, 2012.

Based on the observation and advice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court our counsel has withdrawn the SLP.

As per the advice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court the next step in the matter will be taken as per law shortly.

We all know that WP/3210/2011 and WP/3211/2011 are now listed for hearing on 16th October, 2012.

Through this communication we urge all Panelists to help their team members who have opted to take the EXIT OPTION in filling up their EXIT CONFIRMATION FORM correctly so that the payments to such EXITING family members are processed without any further delay.

Team AISPA takes this opportunity to wish this wonderful family a very happy Vijaya Dashami.

Jai Speakasians,


Warm Regards




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